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Van Hoorne Entertainment, the Netherlands

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

IP Characters.

Van Hoorne Entertainment tapped Themics Philippines Inc. to fabricate their IP-figures Fien and Teun as a cheerful cowgirl and cowboy for welcoming guests at Vakantiepark Molenwaard and Avonturenboerderij Molenwaard.

The two IP-characters were created in a very meticulous development process to make sure that the figures will stay true to the original look and color of the characters. With the same care, our team also produced the character Stip the Pony, as well as around 100 wagon wheels and (fruit) crates each to decorate the family destinations.

Christmas items

Visitors can visit and enjoy both destinations all year round. For the Christmas season, Van Hoorne Entertainment designed a beautiful, cozy scenery, for which they asked us for support. In addition to the fiberglass sculptures of their IP characters that we already made, Fien and Teun were constructed as snowwoman and -man this time.

A big Christmas tree is featured at each destination, for which our trusted client asked us to make around 400 Christmas balls with designs of their various IP characters. In addition, we produced more than 200 presents in the colours of their parks.

Last but not least, we created many bows in different pastel colours also matching the park’s unique look. All these items were realized in a variety of sizes and are now hanging on the Christmas trees or are displayed all over the parks.


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