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Toverland, the Netherlands

Updated: Mar 11


The Dutch theme park recently expanded its themed area Avalon, which Themics helped bring to life by producing several IP-figures, themed elements and animatronics for them. New iconic characters were designed by the park's designers and then sculpted carefully by Themics' artists. Enhanced with Animatronics, the cooking dragon Spicy Pete and magical unicorn Juna found their place in Avalon to enchant visitors of all ages.

More of Themics' scope can be found in the Waterdwarf Alley, where guests won't believe their eyes if they see the mind-twisting animatronics that were installed there. The self-playing chessboard or writing feather, as well as the falling broom contribute to the immersive and magical theming at Toverland.

Apart from animatronic enhancements, also other effects have been integrated in our items, such as the water-spitting fish and swamp dragons or the snow-spouting Morgana dragon figure.

Finally, Themics Philippines also had the opportunity to provide static theming items. A highlight, both literally and figuratively, is the top of the Dragonwatch Tower. This drop tower takes visitors 17 meters up, giving them a great view to spot the various dragons across the area. Themics got the chance to realize a real eye-catcher for the park that can be spotted from a great distance. In fact, the tower reaches a total height of 40 meters, making it hard to miss!

IP Characters.

In the past, the Dutch theme park had commissioned Themics already to realize several of their magical designs. The Dwervels, Boatmen and the Dragon are iconic characters at the park and an integral part of the park's immersive theming. We produced over a dozen of realistic animated characters made of rubber and resin, partially enhanced with animatronics. The carefully developed IP figures give Toverland a new touch of fantasy. It's always a pleasure to work with our trusted client and we are looking forward to hopefully many more great projects to come!


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