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Themics provides guidance from concept art to production and installation






Concept artist drawing design

Concept Design

Our creative artists make your ideas come true.

When the design is put into production, the design expenses are deducted. 


Technical Design

Our experienced engineers create technical drawings which ensure the dream can be technically realized. Consecutively, shop drawings are made which result in the items being produced in the factory

Scale Models

Our designers can make 3D scale models of your project to get a better understanding of how the end product will look like. 


Once the design and shop drawings are approved, Themics moves forward to the production phase, starting with the sculpting. After the artists sculpture has been adjusted to the client’s wishes, and approved, a rubber mold will be created.

Artist working on sculpting
Example of a mold

Mold Making

After the artists' sculpture has been adjusted to the client’s wishes, and approved, a rubber mold will be created. Upon the clients demands, Themics can also create a fiberglass mold, direct cast or reverse mold so the client has more options to choose from.


Once the mold is ready, Themics starts with a process called casting, where fiberglass is laminated in the mold and pulled out once it’s dried. After the first pull-out, more pieces can be pulled-out, lowering the cost significantly for multiple pieces per mold.

Example of artist casting mold
Example of artist applying detailing


After the seems are filled, the products go into the  detailing stage improving their appearance.



The items will be painted, and a topcoat finish is applied highlighting the details. This is done until it meets your expectations. 

Example of artist applying finishing with paint brush
Example of staff installing item


Once it is ready in the production, the items will be logically cut into different knock-down parts so it fits in a container. After shipment, items are assembled and installed on-site (worldwide), where Themics reassures the final quality. 

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