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World of Wonders, Qatar

Full Theming Scope.

The brand-new Family Entertainment Centre in Doha lets families enjoy themselves with a wide variety of activities. We were commissioned to supply the entire theming for the three-story building with different themed zones. Next to stand-alone items, we also provided all wall claddings, gateways, counters, signs, furniture, racks and a selection of games.

This FEC's offer to their visitors is endless; the three floors are full of wonderous areas to explore and play in. From Magma Cavern, Arctic Adventure and Jungle Outpost to a Deep Sea Base and Spaceport, any child will find a world to get immersed in. Apart from that, visitors can enjoy other fun areas such as the Toddler Area, the Shop or the Birthday Room for instance. While Themics' scope mainly included theming and decorations, also interactive experiences were delivered for this client. The Arctic Adventure was equipped with an icy slide and in the Magma Cavern, children can take part in marble races on the Marble Table that Themics created. In the same area, we also developed the "Fossil Dig", where children can be little archeologists and match dug-up bones to the right dinosaur skeleton.

After the ground and first floor first opened in December 2022, also the second floor started welcoming visitors in early 2023. We are grateful for the opportunity to develop this project, and are very proud of the final result. It is exciting to see the guests finally being able to explore the entire location after months of intense work in our factory and installing everything on-site.

We look forward to continuing seeing the joy and excitement that the FEC brings to the community and everyone who makes their way over to Doha to explore the World of Wonders.


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