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Attractiepark de Waarbeek, the Netherlands

Dinosaur area.

The Dutch theme park recently launched their now dinosaur area "Dino World" with three more attractions. We were given the opportunity to create new inhabitants for the park, which are some dangerous dinosaurs. Come face to face with them in the "Dino Express" or try to escape from the fast raptors chasing you in the new roller coaster "Raptor Adventure”. We were also able to realize other themed items such as dinosaur bones and eggs spread across the area.

In addition, De Waarbeek has added our interactive game “Dino Discovery’” to their attraction list. Both young and old can become real archaeologists by digging up rare dinosaur bones hidden under the sand and matching these bones to the right dinosaur.

We are very happy to have worked together with the family-owned park, and to see how De Waarbeek has creatively integrated our items into their new attractions.


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